Letter from the Founders

We are so excited to press “go” on the launch of ActNeutral today. While we certainly understand that this is where the work begins, not ends, we do want to pause and reflect a bit. 

It’s pretty crazy and super awesome that we’ve been able to reach this point. We’re a team of 4 people who live in 3 different cities and have yet to all meet together in person. We all have ‘day jobs’ unrelated to ActNeutral and each person’s connection to the group comes through a unique past-experience or mutual connection that is shared with only one other person on the team. i.e. We all knew somebody, but nobody knew everybody. The progress and collaboration has been better than any of us could’ve imagined and that just goes to show that when the mission really matters to everyone involved, magic happens. 

We’ve laughed, deliberated, stayed up late, woken up early, eaten dinner while problem solving on a google hangout, and had a great time doing it. We know that every moment spent working on ActNeutral gets us closer to helping people understand and offset their carbon footprint – which protects our planet and supports green energy innovation and job creation. Everything starts and ends with our “why”. 

Our collective “why” is a love for our planet – a desire to accelerate the shift to 100% renewable energy sources, combat climate change, and inspire companies to operate with an eco-conscious ethos. We’re addressing our “why” by creating this platform to make it easier, more affordable and more rewarding for our community to minimize the negative impact their daily activities and consumption have on Earth. Every person counts because every carbon offset helps prevent further damage to the environment today and inspires the change we need in the future. 

There’s no telling where this journey will head from here, but we sure are excited about it. We’ll be measuring the impact of our community’s offsets every step of the way and can’t wait until we have enough members to build and sustain our own green energy projects that will replace fossil fuel consumption in disadvantaged communities. We hope you’ll check out ActNeutral.com to see more and if you want to stay in touch we’d love for you to sign up for our newsletter. 

Hopefully by the next letter we will be able to get the team together in person for the first time and snap a picture 🙂 


Kyla, Brendan, Kevin, & Alex

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