Sunny Knoll Farm

Family-Owned Dairy Farm

Perry, New York

Anaerobic Digestion

carbon offset methane digester projects

Type of project: Greenhouse gas capture & energy generation

Why it’s important: When you have a 2,000 acre family farm in Western New York that is home to about 1,600 cows you deal with a lot of crap. Literally. Methane gas from biowaste (crap) in the agriculture sector is one of the top contributors to greenhouse gas emissions on Earth today. The waste is usually managed by digging wastewater lagoons and shoveling it there – leading to off-gassing and runoff as it decomposes over time. While we do love our dairy products, we hate the side effects on the planet.

What your offsets support: Instead of shoveling biowaste into sloppy trenches Sunny Knoll installed an anaerobic digester on site. The 750,000 gallon tank is filled with manure and waste water which is heated to 100 degrees Fahrenheit to accelerate the decomposition in a controlled environment. The biogas is captured and used to fuel a 230kW engine which produces enough electricity for the farm plus a little extra to go into the local grid. While they may realize some cost savings by not purchasing fossil fuel power from the grid, the digester is expensive to operate and maintain so the ActNeutral community has committed to supporting this important project by purchasing carbon offsets from Sunny Knoll.

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