Sustainable Commerce: Our Favorite Eco-Friendly Brands of 2020

Being good to our planet is good business. At ActNeutral, we believe that by continuing to connect our community with sustainable brands, we can drive eco-friendly decisions from other companies and brands going forward. That is why we are excited to connect you with  some of the most sustainable brands from 2020. ActNeutral is thrilled to see more brands thinking about the environment and climate change, and we are taking this time to acknowledge those doing the most to address and minimize their climate risk.

The fashion industry is making 100 billion pieces of new clothing every year for just 7 billion people; that is almost 15 pieces per person.  That means the potential for a lot of waste and disposal and unnecessary manufacturing. Minimizing our consumption of material items and packaged food & beauty products is the best way to minimize our footprint, but we aren’t here to stop our community from participating in commerce if that is what you like to do. We want to encourage sustainable commerce!

Here are things to look for when trying to assess a brand’s climate consideration:

  • Is climate risk & sustainability acknowledged and disclosed on their website?
  • Does the brand use recycled, recyclable or compostable materials in their product and packaging?
  • Do they have an accreditation or certification such as LEED buildings & operations or certified B Corp?
  • Does the company offset the impact of their supply chain that cannot be viably eliminated?
  • Do they offer a ‘green shipping’ option when you buy online?
  • Are employees incentivized to make green choices?
  • If they invest as part of their business model or offer retirement benefits to employees do they avoid fossil fuels in the portfolio?

Now to celebrate our favorite sustainable brands of 2020

Apparel: Toms

You know them for being one of the first buy-one-give-one brands to really grow by embracing giving back, but did you know that the materials and manufacturing process for their products are also eco-friendly? Toms uses materials like sugar cane, organic cotton and recycled rubber to ensure their footprint is minimized. 

Packaged Food: No Evil Foods

Eating home or locally grown produce is the best way to minimize the environmental impact from your food consumption. While subsistence living would be great, it’s not feasible for most of us, so we venture to the grocery store for our food. Commercial farms are a big contributor of greenhouse gases due to the methane gas emitted from animal waste, so No Evil Foods gets an immediate gold star for being a meat substitute brand. They take it a step further by packing their entire core lineup of products in fully home-compostable materials. They also are a plastic negative company thanks to their partnership with rePurpose Global.

Beer: New Belgium Brewery

The Colorado based brewery is a certified B-Corp and has a new LEED certified brewery where they produce a significant portion of their electricity from their brewing process. That’s right, not only are they making delicious beer, but they utilize that process into generating electricity as well; how cool is that! New Belgium continues to be a leader in sustainability by measuring and reporting their carbon footprint, evaluating their own performance based on reductions to it. They also contribute to a number of environmentally focused organizations like GRID Alternatives

Coffee: Cafe Mam

Since 1990, Café Mam (say ‘mom’) has been committed to sourcing only Fair Trade, organic and shade-grown coffee from indigenous cooperatives. The Oregon-based bean beauty uses 100% compostable shelf-stable packaging, no small feat (or investment) for a food or beverage company. They also donate a percentage of sales to pesticide reform to keep the bad stuff off our planet. 

Insurance: Lemonade

Service and tech companies like insurance can be measured on their footprint too. Despite not having a traditional supply chain or tangible product to be concerned about, they do have major operational hazards like powering office buildings and travel. Additionally, a big part of the insurance business model is investing the money from client premiums, often times into reliable and high-return fossil fuel driven funds – Lemonade is the first U.S. based insurer to completely reject fossil fuels and they regularly publish content detailing how to live more sustainably. 

Household: Dropps

Plastics and chemicals are the biggest environmental offenders in our household and personal cleansing products. Dropps gets rid of it all! The ecommerce provider of laundry and dish detergents uses no plastics and compostable packaging. Shipping is always free to the consumer and always carbon neutral.

Beauty: Bloomeffects

A Dutch clean beauty brand that proudly claims to be the first in the United States to use PICEA™ wood tubes made from sawdust from German carpenters. The brand is comfortable with variable appearance on all of it’s tubes because of the reclaimed nature of the materials used. Bloomeffects also uses glass instead of plastic jars because of the unlimited recycling life of glass, and of course when formulating they never use harmful chemicals or test on animals. 

These are just a few of our favorite sustainable eco-friendly brands from 2020. We want to continue to encourage our community to look for eco-friendly options when shopping. These decisions by the masses will make it evident that good for our planet is good business and encourage all companies to make sustainable choices in the future. 

If you have other questions feel free to connect with us on Instagram @Act_Neutral or via email at

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