How to Minimize your Carbon Footprint When Exercising

We’re in the middle of January and with many new year’s resolutions centered on physical fitness it’s time to check ourselves (before we wreck our environment). As you continue to figure out what works best for your fitness are you thinking about the planet too? In “normal times” we tend to see gyms fill up in January. While great for national health, it could be impacting our environment in ways we didn’t think of. Here are 3 tips to ensure your fitness resolution jives with your resolution to take care of our planet. Whether you’re working out at home or the gym.

What you use:

Reusable water bottles and towels are important waste reducing alternatives to paper and plastic

Finding a bodyweight option for your strength training or using other household/natural items reduces your reliance on the heavy manufacturing and transporting of dense weights. Manufacturing an

d freight transportation are among the largest commercial contributors to greenhouse gases after the energy industry. 

  • Avoiding cardio machines powered by electricity, like ellipticals or treadmills, and detaching from your rechargeable phone and bluetooth headphones reduces fossil fuel energy consumption.
    • Alternatively, try jump roping, burpees, knee ups, jumping jacks, or running in place as intense cardio workouts without the consumption..
  • Finally, be sure you have a reusable water bottle and cloth towels, instead of plastic bottles and disposable wipes to clean machines. 

Speedy Showers:

We are not going to tell you to avoid a shower after your workout… but showers can have a negative impact on the environment. Not only are you consuming a limited fresh water resource, you’re also using energy. A ten minute shower can generate up to 5 pounds of CO2 due to powering the water tank. You can add a few more pounds for every five minutes after that, too. Therefore, shortening your time in the shower will reduce your greenhouse gas emissions..

  • Consider carefully scheduling your workouts to minimize the amount of showers you take in a day. If you can help it, try working out first thing in the morning or at the end of your day then following that with your only shower of the day.
    • Also consider cold showers. They save energy needed to heat the tank and energize you!

How you get there: 

It always makes us chuckle when we see people circling the parking lot at the gym until a spot close to the door opens up. Then seeing that person running on a treadmill or doing squats. Are you commuting to a gym or meeting friends to workout outside?

  • Consider biking, walking or running to the gym, or at least part of the way. A typical passenger vehicle emits about 4.6 metric tons of greenhouse gases per year. Anything you can do to keep your car off the road is an important contribution to the battle against climate change. Especially if you aren’t driving an electric vehicle.

We are proud of you for making physical fitness and emotional well-being a priority in your life. Consider all of the above ways to take better care of our planet while taking care of your body and please hit us up with your tips on going green while getting fit. Every single (seemingly small) decision helps, and good decisions become good habits.

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