Gaston County Landfill Gas and Energy

Type of project: Greenhouse gas capture & energy generation 

Why it’s important: Landfills stink, literally and because they are major greenhouse gas contributors. Only the biggest municipalities in the United States are required by law to measure and mitigate their methane emissions, but others voluntarily install and operate conversion technology (see how it works below).

Gaston County is able to voluntarily capture and convert landfill gas to green energy with the financial support of people like us who purchase their carbon offsets. We are particularly keen on Gaston County because their capture and conversion was built to feed a neighboring Eco-Industrial Park. A place intended for “green” businesses to grow and thrive by utilizing the energy from the landfill. This jives perfectly with our mission to reduce emissions AND encourage sustainable commerce.

What your offsets support:

The Renewable Energy Center at the Gaston County landfill produces enough renewable energy to power approximately 1,600 homes for a full year. The associated infrastructure was a $7.5 million dollar project and has expensive operating costs and ongoing maintenance. By issuing carbon offsets to the public Gaston County is able to slowly recoup the initial investment and afford to continue capturing and converting methane to electricity. 

*Helping landfills like Gaston County subsidize the costs of these important projects signals to more landfills (that are not required by law to capture their emissions) that it can be a planet positive and cash positive investment. The more landfills capturing gas and turning it into electricity, the more we reduce global emissions*

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