ActNeutral Reward Partners Celebrate Your Committment to the Planet

ActNeutral members earn exclusive rewards when they buy online from our great eco-friendly brand partners.

Our mission to inspire more sustianable behavior among individuals and businesses all comes to a head right here. The global “green premium” (paying more for climate-friendly goods & services) will continue to exist until we drive great demand all the way through industry value chains and build better sustainability-focused technologies; enabling us to hit a scale and critical mass that makes “going green” just “going” because that’s the only way to do it.

We are building a platform and a community that connects and rewards both individuals and brands for their committments to living and operating more sustainably. We introduce our carefully curated brand partners to our active ActNeutral members to encourage sustainable commerce – and our brand partners offer exclusive rewards and discounts to our members for their climate-friendly actions. Below are our phase one launch partners, why they’re great and how they are encouraging you to offset your home’s carbon footprint and live more sustainably.

Why we love them: The ActNeutral team was first bonded by a love of the outdoors and a desire to protect our beutiful surroundings, so Parks Project was an obvious partner. The young company has given over $1.3million and countless hours to preservation and education in our National Parks and they are minimizing the impact of their supply chain in meaningful ways.

How they’re loving you: 100 Parks Perks Points ($5 value) when you join ActNeutral and 50 Perks Points every month you maintain your pledge. Just go to and sign up with the same email addressed used for your ActNeutral account.

Why we love them: Dedicated to people and planet, Numi has been a leader among purposeful brands since launched in 1999 by a brother & sister duo. Numi is a certified B corp with ethically sourced products, 100% compostable tea bags, a commitment to the communities they operate in and the planet at large – check out their impact report here [We promise its fun and colorful, not a boring “business report”]

How they’re loving you: 20% off your first order at with an exclusive code on your member dashboard.

Why we love them: Thrive Market is healthy and sustainable, made easy and affordable! Thrive Market is a member’s only (think COSTCO) online marketplace offering the best organic and purpose driven brands at the best prices. Members save an average of $32 per order of thoughtfully curated products. Every order is shipped directly to your door with carbon neutral shipping. We also love that every paid membership sponsors a membership for a disadvantaged family in an effort to expand access to healhty and sustainable living.

How they’re loving you: ActNeutral members who join Thrive Market get an additional savings of 25% and a free gift with their first order when they use the exclusive registration link on their ActNeutral dashboard.

Why we love them: Neptune is on a mission to solve for the sustainability challenges in the food system, starting with seafood. They target ineffeciencies in the seafood supply chain and eliminate waste by partnering with processors who may not be realizing how much good is going to waste.  

How they’re loving you: You get an exclusive 20% off of some tasty treats with the code on your member dashboard.

Why we love them: Moonshot is on a mission to tackle climate change through snacking. Their climate-friendly crackers are made with regeneratively grown ingredients, including the primary ingredient — regeneratively grown wheat directly from Hedlin Farms in Washington. To Moonshot, being climate-friendly means they make all of their decisions with the climate in mind. They do so at every level of the company, from ingredients to packaging to supply chain footprint. Moonshot is certified organic and kosher, in addition to being plant-based, non-GMO, carbon-neutral, housed in a 100% recycled carton and proud to be female BIPOC founded.

How they’re loving you: 
Order the variety pack to try all the delicious flavors and get $5 off with the code on your member dashboard.

Why we love them: As a certified B Corp with a committment to donating at least 2% of revenue to non-profits and a passion for taking care of our planet, Caldera is driving the beauty and personal care industry to cleaner ingrdients and low-to-no waste packaging. The list of certifications they’ve committed energy and capital to achieving is impressive.

How they’re loving you: You 20% off this premium skincare when you use code on your member dashboard.

Why we love Petal: Petal is providing a stylish and simple solution for you to begin chipping away at your environmental footprint. Did you know that personal care product bottles have one of the lowest rates of recycling in the US, resulting in over half a billion plastic bottles ending up in landfills and oceans every year? 

Petal is here to put a stop to that with reusable dispensers and soap refills in eco-friendly dissolvable film. By not adding water before shipping Petal keeps things lightweight too and minimizes their transportation footprint. Start your zero-waste journey at home with Petal today and stay tuned; we get a feeling that hand soap is just the first of many sustainable product lines we will be seeing from them. 

How Petal is loving you: To celebrate your commitment to the planet with ActNeutral’s energy offset pledge Petal is offering you 20% off your starter kit. Check out your ActNeutral dashboard for your exclusive code!

It is important to us that you only buy what you need, and you buy everything you need from each partner at once to minimize waste and number of shipments. You should feel great when doing business with these brands – by doing so you are validating the investments they have made in being more sustainable and you are helping them gain leverage throughout their supply chains for better access to sustainable inputs.

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