Landfill Waste Is Really Starting To Pile Up

Investment in recycling and composting by individuals, businesses and governments has seen a dramatic increase over the past 20 years, but is it enough to mitigate landfill gas emission risks?  The latest EPA data says that the American recycling rate has never exceeded 35%, while countries like Germany, Austria, South Korea and Wales all recycleContinue reading “Landfill Waste Is Really Starting To Pile Up”

New Alternative and Renewable Energy Sources

Are familiar forms of renewable energy like wind and solar becoming dated already? We wouldn’t go that far, but we are excited about some of the new research and development being done. With social, economic and legislative momentum in favor of more sustainable technologies, we are seeing the world’s top minds, corporations and governments devotingContinue reading “New Alternative and Renewable Energy Sources”

ActNeutral Reward Partners Celebrate Your Committment to the Planet

Our mission to inspire more sustianable behavior among individuals and businesses all comes to a head right here. The global “green premium” (paying more for climate-friendly goods & services) will continue to exist until we drive great demand all the way through industry value chains and build better sustainability-focused technologies; enabling us to hit aContinue reading “ActNeutral Reward Partners Celebrate Your Committment to the Planet”

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