Scenic View Dairy

Family owned farm

1510 62nd st. Fennville, Michigan

Anaerobic Digestion 

Type of project: Greenhouse gas capture & energy generation

Why it’s important: When you have 2,200 milking cows, 1,500 heifers and 10,000 grow-finish swine like Scenic View Dairy in Western Michigan you can provide a lot of sustenance and nutrition to your region. Those same essential animals can really do a number on our environment due to greenhouse gas emissions from manure. The easiest and most economical way to dispose of manure is to dig lagoons and essentially ‘drown’ it to mitigate the smell. As the manure anaerobically decomposes very harmful methane gas is released into the atmosphere.

commercial farming carbon and methane capture

What your offsets support: A very expensive 870,000 gallon anaerobic digester system has been installed to replace the manure lagoons. Instead of shoveling bio waste into sloppy trenches Scenic View now processes it in an airtight digester where moderate heat is added and the biogas is captured and harnessed to power two massive generators that supply the farm and surrounding community with electricity. Each generator can produce 450 kilowatt-hours of electricity and any that isn’t consumed by the farm powers the 600 homes in the neighborhood. While they may realize some cost savings by not purchasing fossil fuel power from the grid, the digester is expensive to operate and maintain so the ActNeutral community has committed to supporting this important project by purchasing carbon offsets from Scenic View. We love these digester projects because they’re relatable to us as omnivores that appreciate nutrition from animals, and because they not only prevent the release of greenhouse gases, but they generate clean energy too – reducing reliance on fossil fuels.

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