What are carbon offsets?

What is carbon & where does it come from?

Carbon and other greenhouse gases are the byproducts of human activity and consumption. A carbon footprint is the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions that come from the production, use and end-of-life of a product or service. The bulk of an individual’s carbon footprint comes from housing, transportation and food.

What’s a carbon offset?

Heating, cooling, lighting, even binge watching your favorite shows consume energy and produce greenhouse gases. Carbon offsets help fund projects that reduce those greenhouse gases. Put simply, offsetting your carbon footprint means compensating for the greenhouse gases you are making, by preventing the same amount of pollution happening elsewhere.

Try as we might, reducing our carbon output to zero is incredibly challenging for a couple of reasons:

  • We are limited in our ability to choose our home energy provider
  • Alternative energy sources and zero emission vehicles are still pretty expensive
  • We love experiences like going to breweries with friends, hiking locally and flying on airplanes to discover new places.

How do offsets help?

Purchasing carbon offsets neutralizes the impact of activities like those above by stimulating and subsidizing the production of green energy on your behalf through our project partners.

While you may not be consuming that green energy directly, it is offsetting the dirty energy you consumed by replacing the production of future dirty energy with clean energy.

Our goal is to create so much support and demand for green energy that the market drives dirty energy into the ground.

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