Carbon Offsets to save the planet?

Is this the best we can do?

There is no silver bullet to stopping climate change and the gradual rise of Earth’s temperature, but there are a number of things we can and should be doing to minimize our human impact on the environment. Carbon offsets are an important part of the solution that also includes technological advancement, more thoughtful consumption and reduced waste.

Businesses, non-profits and individuals are all responsible for making decisions and investments to improve technology and address their consumption and waste. The immediate and absolute elimination of fossil fuels, synthetic compounds and methane and other agricultural waste would be the quickest and most meaningful measures we could take, but if we’re being honest today that would lead to a world resembling that of a post-apocalyptic sci-fi movie. 

Yes, we should all be driving zero emissions automobiles that are charged by wind or solar power sources, or better yet bicycling everywhere. We shouldn’t be flying in airplanes and we should lay off the red meat to minimize demand for commercial cattle and all the greenhouse gases it produces. But will we? 

Of course not, at least not today, tomorrow nor probably in any of our lifetimes.

That’s okay though – we are continuously improving our understanding of the impact our daily consumption has and chipping away at the materials and behaviors with negative side effects. We’ll reduce those things the best we can, and for the rest Carbon Offsets are the answer. Many of the world’s largest brands are leading the charge by neutralizing what remains of their carbon footprint with offsets, and you can too as an individual.

As Carbon Offsets continue to support green energy projects and signal the increasing demand, a tipping point will be reached where brown energy sources can’t compete because the demand for fossil fuel sources is so low. 

How exactly do carbon offsets work?

A carbon offset is an amount of money you can pledge to a project that reduces greenhouse gases. If you offset one ton of carbon, the offset will help capture or destroy one ton of greenhouse gases that would otherwise have been released into the atmosphere. Offsets also promote sustainable development and increase the use of renewable energy. So basically, because your activities and energy consumption didn’t have a green energy option, you can neutralize the carbon impact by supporting the operation of a carbon capture project or production of a green energy project. People tend to be more excited by projects near them geographically, but our planet and environment are equally supported by carbon reduction everywhere! It is important that carbon offset projects are vetted and accredited to ensure they are truly having the impact they say they are and maximizing your contribution. ActNeutral does that diligence and partners with the most impactful projects in the United States!

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